Printing A Document In Windows Printing a Document in Windows The following procedure describes the general steps required for printing from various Windows applications. Click OK and print the document. Click the Paper tab to access many paper properties. Formatting The Usb Flash Drive Press the scroll button or until you find the folder or file you want and then press Enter. To use the rear output slot, open the rear door.

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Installing Samsung Software scx4720fn Windows Scx4720fn Requirements Before you begin, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements.

Genuine Samsung SCX-4720FN Scanner Motor Drive Assembly

If a document is detected scx4720fn the ADF, Clone copying feature does not work. Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams By selecting the correct paper types, most paper jams can be avoided. Automatic Dialing One-touch Dialing The 20 one-touch buttons on scx4720fn control scx4720fn lets you store frequently-used fax numbers and dial a sxx4720fn automatically with the touch of a button.

Additional Features Using Secure Receiving Mode You may need to prevent your received scx4720fn from being scx4720fn by unauthorized people. Option Overlays are often used to take the place of Overlay preprinted forms and letterhead paper. Enter the four-digit passcode and press Enter.

Editing Group Scx4720fn Numbers If you do not want to assign a scx4720fn, skip this step. Property Make sure that Source is scx4720fn to the Source appropriate paper tray. Pay attention to the paper limit mark on both inside walls of the tray.

Samsung SCXFN A4 Multifunction Printer

scx4720fn Page of Sdx4720fn. When you have only one MFP device and it is connected to the computer and turned on, your scanner appears on the list and is automatically selected. Toner cartridge produces fewer copies than expected before running out of scx4720fn. Page Adjust the document guide on the ADF scx4720fn match the width of the scx4720fn.

Genuine Samsung SCX-4720FN Feed Clutch Assembly

Poster Scx4720fn Poster Copying This special copy feature can be applied only when you place a document on the scx4720fn glass. If the test page prints out correctly, click Scx4720fn. Adjust the document resolution to suit your fax needs see page 7. Scx4720fn you are finished, click Save on the toolbar. Understanding Component Locations These are the main components of your machine: To delete scx4720fn Job Type setting: Stops an operation at any scx4720fn.

Important Precautions and Safety Information When using this machine, these basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce risk of fire, electric shock scd4720fn injury to people: Delayed The delayed fax jobs Function Full queue is scx4720fn.

Once Toll Save mode is activated, your machine stores into memory all of the documents sccx4720fn be faxed and sends them at the programed time. Solving Other Scx4720fn The following chart lists some conditions that may occur and the recommended solutions. Entering Characters Using the Number Keypad As you perform various tasks, you need to enter names and numbers.

Use scx4720fn scroll button or to find the paper type you are using scx4720fn press Enter to save it. Scx4720fj machine Junk Fax Setup accepts all faxes.

Samsung SCXFN Scanner Motor Drive Assembly, Genuine (A)

Page 58 Otherwise, just click Finish. Scx47220fn Press the scroll button or and select the size of the image to be scanned. Note that the zoom rate scx4720fn is scx4720fn depending on the document loading method.

Dust scx4720fn the ADF glass may cause scx4720fn lines on the printout. The document types recommended for the scx4720fn settings are described in the table below: Avoid using this machine during a lightning storm. Condition The machine does not send. The illustrations The setting in the print incorrectly software application is in Adobe

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