Multi-line connections PBX Most offices use a central telephone system. Copy Mode type of original document You can select the Copy Mode for your type of original document. If the paper jam can be cleared, go to Step 7. Then put the toner cartridge back in the drum unit. If there is a power failure, the data in the memory will remain for up to 4 days.

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Enter Press See Entering text on page If this happens, your machine identifies the problem and displays an error message. Scan Secure Lets you access Scan mode.

If you have to pull the paper toward the back of the machine, the imzgistics may get dirty with toner powder and it may scatter on the next printouts. Page 2 The im and im im350 a full suite of security solutions. Real Time Transmission When you are imagistics im3510 a fax, the machine will scan the original documents into the memory before sending. Retrieving Fax Messages Retrieving fax messages Dial your fax number. Before you imagistice imagistics im3510 remote access and retrieval imagistics im3510, you have to set up your own code.

Laser Scanner Window Cleaning the imagistics im3510 unit We recommend placing the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly on a cloth or large disposable paper to avoid spilling and scattering toner.

When you press the Fax Receive Codethe machine imagistics im3510 to receive a fax. Page 47 Menu To access the menu, press Press the Menu numbers.

Don’t have an account? R Remote Retrieval Access Card Remote Retrieval Access card If you plan to receive fax messages while away from your machine, carrying the Remote Retrieval Access Card printed below will serve as a convenient reminder of the retrieval procedures. User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the menu selections your machine has to offer. Standard, Fine, Extra Fine and Photo. On-screen programming User-friendly imagistics im3510 Your machine is designed to be easy to use with LCD on-screen programming using the navigation keys.

Page Remote Retrieval Access The ability to access imagistics im3510 machine imagistics im3510 from a touch tone phone. Page Pull out the drum unit and toner cartridge imagistics im3510. Packing and shipping the machine Whenever you transport the machine, imagistics im3510 the packing materials that came with your machine. Cleaning The Drum Unit Gently clean the scanner window by wiping it with a clean soft dry cloth.

Notify me of new imagistics im3510 by email. Table Of Contents Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Send a cover sheet for all faxes This feature does not work without the Machine ID. Page Imagistixs all servicing to the Imagistics Diagnostics Center.

Options Options Options Use the key to set the following copy settings only for imagistics im3510 next copy. Turn over the stack of paper in the paper tray.


If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for repair imagistics im3510 warranty information, please contact Imagistics. It may crack the panel. These faxes will be sent at the time of day you enter in Step imagistics im3510. The jam clear cover fuser cover is open. Enter Then set an option by pressing when that option appears on the LCD.

Imagistics im3510 each setting is accepted, the LCD imagistics im3510 ask if you want to enter more settings: Gently rock the toner cartridge from side to side five or six times to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. Multi-line connections PBX Most offices use a central telephone system. Changing One-Touch and Speed Dial numbers If you try to store a One-Touch in3510 Speed Dial number where a number has already been stored, the LCD will show the name that has been stored there or number and will ask you to do one of the following: Press Resolution repeatedly until the LCD shows the setting imagistics im3510 want.

Follow these steps to replace the drum unit: See Error messages on page See Cleaning the scanner on page Mem Imagistics im3510 Press to select Set Security. All in One Printer imagistics im Operation Manual 32 pages.

Imagistics sx2100 User Manual

If it is not, press to enter Copy mode. Gently clean the scanner window by wiping imagistics im3510 with a clean soft dry cloth. Use Dial to help you choose the numbers easily.

How it works When to use it The machine For dedicated fax lines.

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